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“By signing up today, you guarantee your spot to receive the Genius Tax Plan, where Mike Liguori, CPA will walk you through the exact steps and strategies it will take to practically eliminate your tax burden.

Here are just some of the many things we will cover during the initial 90-minute to 2-hour deep dive first call.

➦ Brief fifteen minute or so introduction learning about your tax situation leading up to now.

➦ Outline of entity structuring available to you based on your specific financial and other data, each designed for maximum tax savings.

➦ 3 past year’s business and individual tax analysis on what should (and could still be) done differently. Complete “audit” of each of the business and personal categories we drill in on to leverage every single potential tax savings idea and strategy for later customization in the Genius Tax Plan.

➦ Summary of call itemizing each area of tax savings we potentially plan to incorporate while we develop the Genius Tax Plan over the following week to two weeks.


The webinar was well worth the hour investment. More importantly, I’m working with Mike and team and implementing much of this prior to December 31st. so far it looks like I cut my tax bill in half. There are several things we’ve implemented that I’ve heard of, but not one firm in the past has been able to get this done for me.


The material in this webinar is fresh and has saved my husband and I over $20K on our taxes, based on the projections and what we were able to accomplish in November. A must see.


I’m very impressed with the strategy selection. This totally makes sense for my personal and professional situation. This will take some time to implement, but so far I’m very happy with moving forward.


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The 5X Guarantee​

Sign up, show up, and play full out, so to speak. We are 100% confident in our ability to find FIVE TIMES MORE in tax savings than your investment that we guarantee it.

The tax savings itemized will be strategies, tactics, and programs that you will feel confident about implementing, either by yourself or with our help. But you will feel comfortable that it will work for you either way. Yes, we are that confident.

What You Get

What You'll Get

You will see that most accountants and CPAs fail to identify many tax deductions, leaving your money on the table for reasons that will be discussed in the webinar.
–Andy Clark